Log, March 14th to March 18th

Monday, March 14th

The 25 VHTs continued the intensive HIV/AIDS/Family Planning training course with AIC which began on Friday, March 11th. AIC affiliates led the training. As with the previous training days, lunch was provided and once training had finished, the VHTs were compensated for their travel expenses. I later met with software programmers regarding openxdata.

Lunch Held for Trainees


Hon. Sylvia Ssinabulya speaks at VHT training session

Tuesday, March 15th

The VHTs continued their HIV/AIDS/Family Planning training. I also met with Dr. Eddie Emukooyo from the Ministry of Health (Health Information & Knowledge Management) to further discuss the pilot project in relation to his work on the ICT4MPOWER project.

VHT Training Session

Wednesday, March 16th

With the HIV/AIDS training course successfully completed, the VHTs began their Reproductive Health and Family Planning training workshop led by Wilberforce Mugwanya (in place of Dr. Olive Sentumbwe-Mugisa), under the auspices of WHO.

Family Planning/Reproductive Health Training

Thursday, March 17th

The VHTs finished their Reproductive Health/Family Planning training. Winnie and I procured Certificates of Completion of the intensive training workshops from AIC.

Friday, March 18th

I spent the day preparing for my departure before attending a meeting at MTN headquarters with Mr. Anthony Katamba, General Manager of Legal & Corporate Services. There, we discussed MTN’s partnering with LfM’s pilot project. We discussed the submission of LfM’s project proposal along with LfM’s specific needs (phones, etc.) to complete the pilot project. 

I also coordinated with Winnie her duties as Program Manager while I am away. Specifically, she will ensure the VHTs are prepared to start working in the pilot project’s 25 respective villages immediately upon my return. After a final dinner with Winnie and Patrick (LfM’s driver) I then left for the airport. I will be returning to Uganda in early April to further implement the pilot project.

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